Advanced Colposcopy Course ( London )

BSCCP Certified Advanced Colposcopy Course (London)

An Intensive Face to Face Course is run by Highly experienced Lecturers with carefully selected course content to get you the best result

No Time wasting Topic | Affordable fees 



Faculty Members :

Mr. A Khan ( Lead Clinician Colposcopy Unit Whittington Hospital NHS) Senior Lecturer UCL Medical School

Prof. Alber Singer ( Professor Emeritus, UCL Medical School )

Mr Narendra Pisal ( Lead Gynae Oncology , Whittington Hospital )

Mr. Adam Rosenthal ( Lead Clinican UCL Colposcopy Unit)

Miss Theresa Freeman-Wang ( Director , QA Cervical Screening Programme)

Dr. R Aurora ( Lead Histopathology , UCL Hospital)

Mr. C Bartlett ( Lead Clinician Colposcopy Unit Basildon Hospital NHS)

Mr. M M Shahin ( Clinical Fellow ,Post CCT)

Course Details to be confirmed

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