MRCOG Part 3 Course London | Clinical Assessment

MRCOG Part 3 Course Clinical Assessment


CAMET is offering MRCOG Part 3 course. A courses run by consultants with MRCOG Part 3 course

decades of experience in OSCE.

 Limited candidates to give maximum attention

Individualized feed back ( unique to our course) 

Excellent feedback from previous candidates

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DR Ashfaq Khan

Duration :  Two days and One day  Intensive Weekend Course

Venue:         Whittington Education Centre ,London

   Date : 5th and 6thh  of May 2018 Fee : £570

                ( eary bird fee £550 by Electronic Bank Transfer / payment)

                12th. May 2018         Fee £370

               ( eary bird fee £355 by Electronic Bank Transfer / payment)

Course Director : Mr A Khan ( Consultant Wittington Hospital and Sen. Lecturer UCL Medical School , London)



Why us?mrcog-part-3-course

  • Stations written according to new format ( all 14 modules !)
     20+ Experienced faculty members ( to give more accurate assessment of your performance)
    Focused on you ( personalised feed back )
  • No Non sense time wasting sessions.
  • Most Lectures will be sent to you before the course to be well prepared on the day
    MRCOG Part 3 Exam Oriented topics
  • Almost Free ( only £50) Post Course Session to discuss hot topics following weekend

This MRCOG Part 3 course will cover :

  • Patient safety
  • Communicating with patients and families
  • Communicating with colleague
  • Information gathering
  • Applied clinical knowledge

and difficult topics like
Breaking bad news, Communication skills, Bereavement counseling, Clinical Governance, Risk management

Two days Course (4th & 5th November)

Programme :

Day 1

Morning session Group A : Communication and counselling (interactive)

                          Moderator : Ms.Cartwright Medical Communication skill trainer          

                                             Mr. Mark Osmond Consultant (former London Deanery    

                                             OSCE course coordinator)
Group B : Risk managemnt , Teaching , Audits ,Appraisals   by Mr.A khan

Coffee Break
Group A : Risk managemnt , Teaching , Audits , Appraisals ( interactive) by Mr.A khan
Group B : Communication and counselling (interactive) Ms Cartwright / Mr. Mark Osmond

Lunch break

Group A : Role Playing interactive session
Group B : Structured Viva ( non role Playing) Interactive

Coffee break

Group A :Structured Viva ( non role Playing) Interactive
Group B: Role Playing interactive session


Morning : Mock Circuit 1 with feedback
Afternoon : Mock Circuit 2 with feedback
Personalised feedback

Programme for 1 Day Course ( 11th.of November 2017)

9:00 to 17:00 Interactive Hot seats of   Role playing and Structured Viva stations

                      covering all Modules NO Lecture session 


Syllabus of the MRCOG Part 3 ( You will be challenged with on each of them in the course and in the real Exam )
Teaching (core module 2)
Core surgical skills (core module 5)
Postoperative care (core module 6)
Antenatal care (core module 8)
Maternal medicine (core module 9)
Management of labour (core module 10)
Management of delivery (core module 11)
Postpartum problems (the puerperium) (core module 12)
Gynaecological problems (core module 13)
Subfertility (core module 14)
Sexual and reproductive health (core module 15)
Early pregnancy care (core module 16)
Gynaecological oncology (core module 17)
Urogynaecology and pelvic floor problems (core module 18)


What did our previous candidates say ?

‘Very useful to frame subsequent revision and coping with stress’
‘excellent course ’
‘Very good course – gone through all required for the exam’
‘Good overall coverage of topics and scenarios ‘
‘Well organised’
‘Helpful feedback session’

Did the Course meet your Expectation?
Score 4.8 / 5 ( above expectation)

Which part of the course you liked most ?
Format and content 12%
All ( Format + Content + Presentation ) 88%


Unique opportunity for overseas candidates to attend a  post  course discussion / practice session. No other Course offer you this unique opportunity

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