MRCOG Part 2 Full Course


MRCOG Part 2 Full Course

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Your exam is designed to assesses the Knowledge Required for Clinical Practice.

It examines the 15 core Knowledge Areas in four domains of understanding

  1. Diagnosis: This incorporates important differential diagnoses and the features of conditions presenting to Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  2. Investigations: This incorporates investigations used for diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis
  3. Management: This incorporates medical, surgical and non-medical management as well as the importance of other clinical and non-clinical practitioners
  4. Epidemiology: This includes the incidence, progression, natural history of conditions as well as prognosis, efficacy and patient-centred approaches

Core Knowledge Area

  1. Clinical skills
  2. Teaching and research
  3. Core surgical skills
  4. Postoperative care
  5. Antenatal care
  6. Maternal medicine
  7. Management of labour
  8. Management of delivery
  9. Postpartum problems
  10. Gynaecological problems
  11. Subfertility
  12. Sexual and reproductive health
  13. Early pregnancy care
  14. Gynaecological oncology
  15. Urogynaecology & pelvic floor problems

What is Covered in MRCOG part 2 Prep Course ?

In Our course we divided the contents in 15 Care Knowledge Areas (CKA) . In each CKA you will have related

  1. Practice SBA questions
  2. Practice EMQ
  3. Lecture Videos which cover key topics in each CKA

Why Camet Course ?

Our courses are written and designed by highly experienced NHS consultants who are RCOG examiners , write questions for RCOG and are involved in Post Graduate teaching for decades

  • You can watch / listen to our videos at your convenience
  • State of the art QA platform to practice with instant feedback
  • All questions are carefully set up by pool of experienced faculty and examiners
  • Answers are accurate following RCOG/NICE recent guidelines
  • Tutors are available to support you via email / zoom during your preparation



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